National Timber Group

National Timber Group is the largest independent added-value timber distribution and processing group in the UK. The Group was created through the acquisitions of market-leading brands Thornbridge, North Yorkshire Timber, Rembrand and Arnold Laver.

The Group serves a diverse customer base including joiners, housebuilders, and contractors, and is a favoured supplier of large-scale infrastructure projects. With extensive warehousing, processing and distribution capabilities the Group can provide customers across the UK with a full range of the highest quality timber, panel, decorative surfaces and engineered wood products supported by comprehensive timber knowledge and expertise.

The Group has combined turnover approaching £300 million, over 1,300 employees and 55 processing and distribution sites from the North of Scotland to London and the South West.

The National Timber Group Companies


Established in 1992, Thornbridge is a leading Scottish timber merchant selling timber, sheet and joinery products to builders, joiners, regional housebuilders and contractors.
Thornbridge has a central processing and distribution hub in Grangemouth in support of its network of 8 branches across Scotland.

North Yorkshire Timber

Established in 1979, NYT is a leading timber merchant with 7 branches in North Yorkshire and the North East of England.
NYT has a specialist roofing solutions division based at Brompton on Swale which designs and fabricates roof trusses, spandrel panels and the industry-leading NYTROOF insulated roof cassette system.

Rembrand Timber

Established in 1982, Rembrand is an importer, processor and distributor of timber and sheet products. Rembrand has 20 branches across Scotland serving a broad range of customers in the construction industry.
The Company also distributes a broad range of roofing, insulation and other building materials through subsidiary companies, Scotia Roofing, Glow Insulation and Site Supplies, and Rembrand Builders Merchant.

Arnold Laver

Established in 1920 and headquartered in Sheffield, Arnold Laver is a venerable brand in the importation, processing and distribution of timber, panel, decorative surfaces and engineered wood products.
Customers include blue chip construction companies and it is a favoured supplier to large-scale infrastructure products such as the 2012 Olympics, Hinkley Point and HS2.
The Company has 13 strategically located distribution and processing depots across the UK and a national production centre at Mosborough.